Confession 038.

I would love to learn how to sew properly and to make my own clothing for cosplaying. 

Go ahead and cringe, I just am in awe of those so talented to pull of cosplays and to get every little detail in it. 

Maybe one day, I can create my own cosplay and it won’t look like shit nor cost me $300 ; o ; 

Confession 036.

Im not sure why, but lately, whenever I felt kinda down I start off thinking;

"Here I sit all broken hearted-

But then I end up finishing it like so; 

"Came to poop

but only farted.”

At least it makes me smile when Im down. 

Confession 035.

My number one song for KatnissXPeeta is “The Gamblr” by fun. 

"So we moved to Arizona, to save our only son 

And now he’s turning into a man, although he thinks just like his mother 
He believes we’re all just lovers he sees hope in everyone 
And even though she moved away 
We always get calls from out daughter 
She has eyes just like her father 
They are blue when skies are grey 
And just like him she never stops 
Never takes the day for granted 
Works for everything that’s handed to her 
Never once complains 

You swore you’d be here ‘till we decide that it’s our time 
But it’s not time, you’ve never quit in all your life 
So just take my hand, you know that I will never leave your side 

You’re the love of my life, you know that I will never leave your side 

Confession 034.

A song that means the world to me is ,”Trade Mistakes” by Panic! at the Disco. 

It always seems to cheer me up even in my foulest of moods.

posted 1 year ago

Confession 033.

I was in so much pain because of a stomach cramp and had forgotten to take some Pamprin before going to school, I had my cousin punch me in the gut. Usually I would press on my stomach and the pain would subdue for about 15 minutes so I thought a punch might just give me an hour or enough time until I could call my dad to pick me up from school.

Lets just say it didnt work as well as I thought, and instead caused more pain. 

Confession 032.

I have a mole on my right shoulder and have had it since I was a baby. 

About a year ago, I had thought I had a horrible zit or something on my back and kept scratching it but then it turned out it was another mole.

So in total it looks like an arrow was shot through my right shoulder mole and then went out the other one since they are almost directly parallel! 

Confession 031.

I want to do anything that will prevent me from ever having Diabetes. I never ever want to be that way, especially with as bad as my mother has it. I dont want others to push me away when I need help or start to go loopy.

Im just afraid of her like that and I dont want people to have to worry about me being that way as well as have control over how I act.

Confession 030.

My favorite movie is “The Losers”. It isn’t really know but I really love the humor and action in it. My other favorites are The Harry Potter Series (POA, or DH), or The Hunger Games. There are a bunch more I just cant think.

Confession 029.

I hate time. There would be so many things I would do if time didn’t matter or count.

posted 2 years ago

Confession 028.

I believe I have social anxiety when it comes to being alone with one person. I am always afraid that there is pressure to be a certain way around them or boring them.